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SISbayes 2017 is the first Workshop organized by the permanent working group on Bayesian Statistics of the Italian Statistical Society.

FEBRUARY 7-8, 2017

SISBAYES meeting

see you in Rome

SISbayes main goals are:


  • To promote and coordinate applied and theoretical research in the statistical field

  • To encourage and organize specialized sessions and ad hoc tutorials at national and international statistical meetings

  • To disseminate Bayesian ideas and methods among young students and scholars in both Statistics and other fields.

  • To foster the application of the Bayesian paradigm in science, industry, business, finance, and official statistics.


The workshop will consists of: 

  • Two tutorials delivered by prof. Alessandra Guglielmi (Politecnico di Milano) and prof. Michela Cameletti (Università di Bergamo)

  • Five invited sessions

  • A Contributed Poster presentation session followed by a Poster exhibition.


SISbayes 2017 is hosted and financially supported by Sapienza Università di Roma.

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